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Tavia Christina is a multidisciplinary (Métis) artist residing in Toronto (Tkarón:to),
Canada. Investing in the arts at a young age, she attended the regional arts program at Cawthra Park Secondary school for Dance. Tavia is currently attending Ryerson University working towards her BFA in Performance Dance and double minoring in French Languages and Indigenous Studies. She has had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Israel at the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, where she performed repertoires of Rami Be’er, The Cullberg Ballet and a new creation by Ilya Nikurov.

Tavia has also furthered her training at a variety of summer programs which include; Batsheva Dance Company Summer Intensive, Alias Dance Project Intensive, Ignite Summer Intensive and Kenny Pearl’s Emerging Artist Intensive.

In other dance streams, Tavia has dabbled in the commercial field, for Tourism Toronto’s commercial The Views are Different Here and performing in music videos such as The Beaches’s Snakes Tongue, Majid Jordan’s Body Talk, and Little Scream’s Dark
Recently, she has worked for the Queer company LemonTree Creations apart of Factory Theatre’s Foundry Unit, featured as part of Theatre Passe Murraille’s new play workshop series, BUZZ on their (LTC) workshop of The Blood Cycle playing the role of Arjola.

Photo by Julius Brandeis

Photo by Julius Brandeis

Photo by Benjamin Lappalainen

Photo by Benjamin Lappalainen

Tavia has been fortunate to work and research with renowned artists such as: Emma Portner, Hanna Kiel, Peter Chin, William Yong, Matjash Mrozewski, Tori Mehaffey, Kate Hilliard, Lukas Malkowski, Caroline Torti, Alvin Collantes, Kristen Carcone, and MADboots Dance Company.

As an emerging choreographer, Tavia seeks humanness. She believes in work that manifests itself from the soul; work that is not just for the stage but for the mind and body. She also expresses interests in creating socio-political work, pieces that revolve around the unspoken stories in today’s society. Through consistent research and processes, she hopes to discover more about the uniqueness of the human body and its natural physique, discovering what it means to find purity through ontology. Tavia also aspires to produce work that is under the multidisciplinary genre. Frequently crafting in other fields, she puts to use her other talents (videography, text and, design) in her choreographic process. She has choreographed works for her own company; Near&Far Projects, Torgan Dance Company (London,UK), Kalos Collective, Ryerson University students, Cawthra Park Repertoire Company, The Harmful, and solo works on herself.

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